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Sunday, November 17, 2013

TrotMania Crusaders [6] New Songs

This upcoming patch is probably arriving around the holiday season, but we still have a fair amount of content to reveal! Take a gander past the page break.

Well, this is the cleanest edit of the song you'll find...not that that's saying much. I still maintain that the game hypothetically is E10+, and this admittedly tests that, but doesn't get it into T territory. Anyway, here's Bass Down Low, a cool club song that has appeared in almost every dance game nowadays. My stepmaker idol Chewi (who you can't find the work of anymore) stepped this early on and got me hooked; now it's my turn to give my spin to it!

Oh hey, look, an old song from the consoles making it to the main version. Sure seems to happen quite a bit in the latest DanceDanceRevolution titles, huh? (i.e. Waiting for Tonight in SuperNOVA2, resonance and Everytime We Touch in X2, Mickey Mouse March in 2013) In any case, we now have Tomoyasu Hotei's awesome song characteristic of Kill Bill in the game, Battle Without Honor or Humanity, with a fresh coat of paint and a new Challenge chart!

First up is boy band Infinite with their track Be Mine. Even if you don't like the music, try the charts, which are the hardest for any boy band in the game!

We also have another track from will.i.am's complete group (who also appeared in the DDR 2009 series), Boom Boom Pow. Admittedly, the cut is short, clocking in at about 1 minute, but it's still highly enjoyable and relatively difficult. (Just don't play it at an arcade...)

After Pitbull's hit in the last patch, another track from him is coming, his collaboration with Christina Aguilera: Feel This Moment. Yes, it's a club track, but it's *very* tough! Speed dips down in the 30s, and there are frequent slowdowns to trip you up!

Follow me on Zenius and you'll be aware that I follow SingStar very much. For the Christmas update, exclusive packs by Garbage and Radiohead were released, and this track was one of them. However, I actually had attempted to step this song before and failed, so this was my second take, a full makeover of the cut, graphics, and steps. I Think I'm Paranoid is a post-grunge belter that deals in raw emotions, and the emphasis on accented rhythms and almost DJ-like breakdowns makes the Expert chart very difficult while sparing the others.

Well, how about another track from Garbage while we're at it? This one, despite the higher tempo, is actually much more relaxed, until the very end where the guitar starts to kick in.

You didn't think we'd go without a PMV song, did you? Have some more vocaloid with Bad End Night, a surreal play-within-a-play that has been adapted to pony form. The charts for this one are quite difficult with its quick swing style.

Runaway, a remake of a relatively obscure 80's track ends up having the classic feel while still giving it a better groove (and sync) to dance and rock out to! Wow, even I wasn't expecting a double dose of PMVs this update!

These past few updates, we added 1 song from each BEMANI series gradually. This update, 1 song from each major game will make a dancing appearance! Hailing from REFLEC BEAT is Candy Drop, with Hero from jubeat, BeatMania IIDX with Snake Stick, Oboro from pop'n music, and GITADORA is represented with Guren no Homura. As an added bonus, a song debuting in both jubeat and REFLEC BEAT is coming, the piano-synth duet chaplet!

I feel like we're missing a game...oh right, Sound Voltex!

Yes, it's a license, but I consider it ascended status due to it appearing as a default song in a BEMANI iOs title (pop'n rhythmin), along with being the first to buck the trend of only originals being live unlocks in GITADORA. In any case, I love this song, and it's the one that gave me faith in vocaloid as a great technique. The steps will be vicious!

Hope you guys look forward to these new tracks!