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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chrystalize: Extra Lv. 5a (Something sweet to bite)

Well, it is October 31, 2013. Some call it Halloween, some call it Nightmare Night, some call it All Hallow's Eve, some call it "Go to your Neighbour's Door Unannounced and Beg for Free Candy Day" (Too old for free candy? *SQUAWK* Never...). But there's something more important about this day in relevance to us. In particular, TrotMania I came out just 365 nights ago! (Yes, note, 365 nights. Not days)

But now, how far have we come? As of now, we have at least 221 songs and 2 full "mixes", all the work of a team of 13 contributors (now, obviously, if you want to be one, just get in touch with me or RIME and we'll hook you up. Preferably in the chat room). But anyway, today, we're going to backtrack a little; in honor of this particular milestone, the following update contains five new Lunatic charts for five songs from the aforementioned first pack! Specifically:

  • Doctor Who Theme (JAKAZiD Remix)
  • Evil Enchantress (Euro Spell Mix)
  • Luna (Dream Mode)
  • Octavia's Overture
  • Smile Smile Smile
But I know you're probably wondering, "Hey, but its Nightmare Night! Why aren't you adding that WoodenToaster song about it too?"

We are.

Oh, and this is song #222 too!

And that concludes our regularly-scheduled fun doubling! Have a good night!

Patch Level 5a (The Nightmare Night/365 Night Anniversary Pack) is now available on the Downloads page.