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Lirodon first started the development thread for the TrotMania pack on the community site Zenius -I- Vanisher in December 2011, promising a StepMania 5 theme and a full song pack containing only music and remixes related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. While there were many naysayers (primarily those who doubted the legitimacy of the brony fandom to begin with), the project started off slowly, but only really got a boost when RIME was named co-chair of development for the pack. After hard work, some drama, and other complexities, the team celebrated Nightmare Night in style with the official release of the first edition.

Soon afterward, Lirodon announced the development of a second mix known as Chrystalize, which promises to make the pack, well, 20% cooler, and correct some abnormalities that sprang up in the later half of development for Rhythm is Magic. Chrystalize got a release on July 1, 2013, and dwarfed its predecessor's size thanks to the side project Crusaders, developed primarily by RIME. In the spring of 2014, both projects concluded, with a new side project, Chrystalize Append, serving as a preview for what was to come.

Aeturnum Obscurum looms on the horizon and brings with it change, including a streamlined tracklist, more current hit songs (helped to be discovered with RIME's new Brony Music Billboard), and of course a ravetastic theme. Multiple preview packs have now been released, but the theme is still in the waiting...

Key Staff

  • Lirodon (creator, art, theme, stepper)
    • Pushed for the project in its original form as a memetic mini-pack. As an experienced themer, he's coded and illustrated the three themes for the game so far, and Aeturnum Obscurum is shaping up to stand up to the more rigorous bug-checking of the current StepMania 5 engine. He also does assorted art for various songs in the game.
  • RIME (co-leader, art, stepper, gameplay filmer)
  • Dreamland200 (art, stepper)
    • Dreamland was a key element in getting the project off the ground, helping fill in steps and new songs for the first game and continuing on for the rest of the series. Beginning with the second game, she began composing remixes and originals for the series, notably with new boss song "Canterlot Tame no Tatakai".
  • Tesselode (theme musician)
  • Ben Speirs (Discord (The Living Tombstone's Mix), GOLD DUST, Hush Now Quiet Now (TranceBlossom Remix))
  • Silverhawke (Babs Seed (Reconciled Mix))
  • SRFoxley (Tester on both Chrystalize and Append)
  • xnintendox (My Little Pony (Alex S. Remix) base simfile and Pump it Up steps)
  • Warpdr!ve (Cloudsdale EVOLVED (Challenge charts))
  • Xsoft (convention game rig provider)
  • NEMESetup (Laughter)
  • John A. W. Peck (Lesson Learnt (Challenge chart), EFFECT, Legendary Dragon, Lover's High)
    • John is a relatively new member of the community. Involved in both stepping and musicianship, his charts can cater to casuals but can also reach insane heights; his Lesson Learnt chart is one of 3 that reach level 19!
Former Staff
  • FoRCeDNaTuRe (stepper; left after Rhythm is Magic)
  • Blinded_No_More (stepper; left after Chrystalize)
  • AkihiroIIDX (stepper, syncer)
  • Berrylicious (gameplay filmer; drifted away after Chrystalize)
  • Dom (stepper; drifted away after Chrystalize)