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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Patches 1.10-1.50

Might as well take the time to talk about patches. While (since the game is no longer a single package) there is no single patch file, we have updated stuff still. Here's info on the current patches.

Release Date: November 7th, 2012

- Race Against Time / Jeff Steinman was added. From DDR Ultramix 4, the song has new graphics and a new level 16 Challenge!
-Ponyville / Hirosashii has a reworked Level 11 Expert, along with a brand new Level 13 Challenge, a coalition between me (RIME) and Dreamland200.
-Sweetheart / Foozogz has new doubles charts from AkihiroIIDX.
-Various fixes due to outdated files uploaded on initial release.

Release Date: November 18th, 2012

-Cowboy Casanova / Carrie Underwood has been added. A new track courtesy of me, it will be a nice way to strut your stuff to the swing of triplets!
-Dubstep Dishwasher / The Living Tombstone has had its doubles set added.
-One set of solo charts added, for Flouride Soundscapes (Brushie Brushie Mix).
-A couple of Pump It Up charts will be added, including MLP Theme (Single 05), Yellow (Double 11). (Hey, I'm not the one who invented the term "couple"!)

Release Date: November 29th, 2012
-Brain Stew / Green Day is added. This one will actually have a PMV courtesy of me, for which you can see a preview here:

 -Want It Need It (Hold Me) / Delta Heavy is added. It's extremely tough on Challenge, and if it weren't for the new brony/pony-only policy for TM2, it would be Twilight's boss there.

-New solo chart sets will be added, a complete set for Scoot's Race.
-Pinkie Pie's Theme had a graphic error that flew by us: the Youtube loading overlay (Yeah, um whoops...one guess how we got that one). All graphics for the song have been fixed.
-yellow head joe had a severe rhythm error in the Double Expert and Double Difficult charts. The Double Basic chart also had triple notes in it. All issues have been fixed and the sync has also been touched up.

Release Date: December 28th, 2012
-Livin' la Vida Loca / Ricky Martin has been added. About time for some latin partying!
-Pain / 3 Days Grace has been added. This dark track has a nice thumping bass and great guitar hook.
-Uploading error of MP3 of I'm Going Slightly Mad causing it to not appear in-game has been fixed.
-Uploading error causing Doctor Who's jacket to also be the banner has been fixed.
-Uploading error causing Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix) to omit the Beginner and Challenge along with completely break the chart's BPM on non-SM5 setups has been fixed.

This post will be updated as stuff gets worked on and released!

Release Date: February 2nd, 2013
-Finally, a new show tune has come! Find a Pet has multiple rhythm changes, which make for an entertaining chart!
-For people yearning for more Queen, Don't Stop Me Now is available! Overall, it's a great high-energy track!
-From the world of BEMANI, we bring Unicorn tail. All glory to the amen break!
-HERE COMES A NEW CMC!!! Babs Seed (The Living Tombstone's Mix) is the representation for Babs as a boss track
-Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) now has a Single 08 PIU chart!
-Dubstep Dishwasher has a fix for the issue of the Single charts no longer having the opening stop.
-I Love Everything has a display BPM fix. Formerly, it showed up as 0 BPM. It also has a new level 13 challenge chart. There are a lot of 32nds!..at 64 BPM.
-Love Bloom has received tweaks to its Expert and Challenge. There is also an edit up for download that is on the boss level.
-Pinkie's Homebrew now has a level 14 Challenge.
-Spin That Record Vinyl Scratch now has its charts fixed, due to a glitch removing the stop midway.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Final Game v1.00 OUT!!!!!

Yep, bronies, the full game is now up for public download!

Check the first post for the links!

UPDATE: The links are now in sustained working order.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Video Preview Set #1

Here's the first round of video previews, just since I had nothing to do. They are 30 second previews of the brony tracks in the game which equals...6. I thought there were more, but they're PMVs for the Pop tunes and Show tune videos.

[UPDATE: Beyond Her Garden and I Love Everything are getting vids!]

Take a peek!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Full Tracklist Reveal!

All of the songs are now confirmed for the game! We are in the final stages of development, and we hope to release this game soon! Check out the first post for the full list.

One final song, just to make it 50 songs without the 2 alternates for Cloudsdale EVOLVED, Smile Like You Mean It, has been added. Release is imminent!

...and 5 bonus songs have been added. Check the tracklist for them!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Song Reveal #2: xRGTMx, The Living Tombstone, JackleApp

Here you guys go with another update from Trotmania!

Cloudsdale EVOLVED / xRGTMx Underground
 Here's the first (and for now only) original song written for the game. Ryan Gudonis, who goes under the aliases xRGTMx, AlphaOmega, and Rygon, has created 6 albums' worth of original techno and hardcore tunes for the DDR fan community. He's allowed usage of his songs for fan simfiles, so I stepped his remix of Sandstorm by Darude and his song Groovy Disco, which I made the boss song of DDR Quasar. (Warning: Crud steps alert! I was still beginning when I made those.) Anyway, I approached him to see if he could help make a song for this game, and this is what we came up with.

For those of you not in the know, there is a tradition that every Wii DDR has a boss song with a city name EVOLVED done by an Underground alias of an artist. We got Tokyo EVOLVED by Naoki Underground in Hottest Party, osaka EVOLVED by Naoki Underground in HP2, roppongi EVOLVED by Tag Underground in HP3, New York EVOLVED by NC Underground in DDR 2010, and London EVOLVED by Tag Underground in DDR II. These all originally come out with 3 versions, and are always in the final boss slot.

Back to the song, it's a happy hardcore track that also has a Drum 'n Bass influence. Each version has a different middle section and slightly different ending. Version A is the standard version which sticks with the same feel; Version B has a breakdown in a dubstep-ish style, and Version C has a slowdown harmonious section, which is reminiscent of YELLOW CANDY from DDR X2. All the versions are tough to play in their own way, and I believe they are a fun workout!

Instead of a gameplay preview, have an audio preview since this is a new song! Here's A, B, and C.

Dubstep Dishwasher / The Living Tombstone
This was an early song added to the game by our founder Lirodon. Technically, he started the theme and songpack project, but slowly faded to obscurity over a few months. In the summer, I started work on a few MLP simfiles and decided to restart the project as a combination of the two. Anyway, this song is repetitive in style, but has nice subtle undertones and some tough steps.

This song was actually released at the same time it was added to our project, so try it now! Just be aware that this is not the final version that will be in the game.

I Love Everything / JackleApp
This was actually a recent addition to the game, as in less than a week ago. Started by Dreamland200, this is a trance reinterpretation of So Many Wonders, and it's one of the slowest songs in the game. However, it's not completely a pushover, and it makes for a fun cooldown.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Song Reveals #1: foozogz, Derpy Hooves, and Swagberg

Here's the first reveal of songs for the game not found in the demo.

Pony Swag (Scootaloo-Safe Radio Edit) / Swagberg feat. Maros
First up is an odd genre for the game. Currently, it's the only pure rap song in the game, though we do have one song with a rap half (Personally, I think the combo of rap, melody, and chorus is picture perfect. *wink*). This track was initially developed by team member Dreamland200, and the main difficulties are stepped by him. However, I stepped the Challenge, which definitely milks the rapping syllables for all they're worth. As such, it qualifies as a pre-boss, representing Scootaloo.

Now, I can't take footage, but I can take screenshots, so here's one for the info and one showing a snippet of gameplay:

Scoot's Race (Scootaloo's Theme) / Derpy Hooves
Also started by Dreamland200, this techno beat track is pretty but has calm steps to ease you. However, the challenge is one of two shock arrow charts currently in the game. Happy electrocutions!

Applejack Bucks 400 Apple Trees / foozogz
Here's a good old hyper techno track, which, according to foozogz, is actually a homage to classic DDR tracks like B4U. Once again, the simfile was started by Dreamland and he did the Beginner through Expert, but I made the new Challenge that qualifies it for Boss status for Applejack.

Stay tuned for more announcements!


 Welcome to the official blog for Trotmania, where you can get the latest concrete info on the project.

What's this, you ask? It's a StepMania 5 game based on the MLP series with a sizable influence from both the brony and DDR community. Prepare for artists The Living Tombstone, Eurobeat Brony, Derpy Hooves, and way more! BEMANI fans aren't getting left out either, as tracks like the "Doctor Who" remix by JAKAZiD and "Sweet Rain" are also part of the game.

Here's the full tracklist:

Show Tunes
Art of the Dress
Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)
Find a Pet
Opportunity (The Flim Flam Brothers Song)
Smile Smile Smile
Winter Wrap Up

License Tunes (Well, not really, but this is in reference to real DDR)
Brain Stew / Green Day
Cowboy Casanova / Carrie Underwood
Doctor Who / JAKAZiD
Don't Stop Me Now / Queen
I'm Going Slightly Mad / Queen
Livin' la Vida Loca / Ricky Martin
Make a New Dance Up / Hey Ocean
Pain / 3 Days Grace
Smile Like You Mean It / The Killers
Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix) / Ellie Goulding
Want It Need It (Hold Me) / Delta Heavy
Yellow / Coldplay

Brony Tunes
Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix) / PinkiePieSwear
Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) [8-bit]
Beyond Her Garden / Wooden Toaster
Big Macintosh (JackleApp Remix) / JackleApp
Dedede Invades Equestria / Interrobang Pie befriends Stormwolf
Discord (The Living Tombstone's Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Dubstep Dishwasher / The Living Tombstone
Evil Enchantress (Euro-Spell Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Flouride Soundscapes (Brushie Brushie Mix) / Derpy Hooves
Good Girl (Sub.Sound Remix) / Dasha + The Living Tombstone
I Am No Hero / Mandopony
I Love Everything / JackleApp
Love is in Bloom (Remix) / The Aviators
Luna (DREAM Mode) / Eurobeat Brony
Octavia's Overture / The Living Tombstone
Oh Sweetie Belle / dBPony
Party With Pinkie / Alex S.
Picture Perfect Pony (ft. EileMonty) / Mandopony
Pinkie's Homebrew / Interrobang Pie
Ponyville / Hirosashii
Scoot's Race (Scootaloo's Theme) / Derpy Hooves
Spin That Record Vinyl Scratch / KeepOnRockin'
Sweetheart / foozogz
The Land of Equestria / Hirosashii
Vinyl Takes Flight [Let's Get This Started] / Derpy Hooves

AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL (Equinova Edit) / 8 Bit
Dual Love / Gavin G & Dan Rolla J
KID R / Yu Tokiwa
Miracle Moon (L.E.D.LIGHT STYLE Mix) / Togo Project feat. Sana
Race Against Time / Jeff Steinman
The Big Angry White Horse / Morning Blue Dragon
Unicorn Tail / DJ YOSHITAKA
yellow head joe / S-C-U

Cutie Mark Crusaders Pre-Boss Songs
Babs Seed (The Living Tombstone's Mix) / Mandopony
Cupcakes (Sweetbeat Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Pony Swag (Scootaloo-Safe Radio Edit) / Swagberg feat. Maros
Sweet Rain / Y&Co. feat. Karin

Mane 6 Boss Songs
Applejack Bucks 400 Apple Trees / foozogz
Crush. Kill. Destroy. Swag / General Mumble
Diamond Dogs (Euro-Dirt Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
LOVE ME! / DJ D-dog
Pinkie Pie's Theme / Whitetail

Event Encore Boss Songs
Cloudsdale EVOLVED / xRGTMx Underground
Discord (Euro-Chaos Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Love Bloom / foozogz
My Little Pony Theme (Alex S. Glitch Remix) / Alex S.

Now the game is out! Download it now! (Read carefully the steps)

Please leave feedback and check this post for a summary of all news.