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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Song Reveal #2: xRGTMx, The Living Tombstone, JackleApp

Here you guys go with another update from Trotmania!

Cloudsdale EVOLVED / xRGTMx Underground
 Here's the first (and for now only) original song written for the game. Ryan Gudonis, who goes under the aliases xRGTMx, AlphaOmega, and Rygon, has created 6 albums' worth of original techno and hardcore tunes for the DDR fan community. He's allowed usage of his songs for fan simfiles, so I stepped his remix of Sandstorm by Darude and his song Groovy Disco, which I made the boss song of DDR Quasar. (Warning: Crud steps alert! I was still beginning when I made those.) Anyway, I approached him to see if he could help make a song for this game, and this is what we came up with.

For those of you not in the know, there is a tradition that every Wii DDR has a boss song with a city name EVOLVED done by an Underground alias of an artist. We got Tokyo EVOLVED by Naoki Underground in Hottest Party, osaka EVOLVED by Naoki Underground in HP2, roppongi EVOLVED by Tag Underground in HP3, New York EVOLVED by NC Underground in DDR 2010, and London EVOLVED by Tag Underground in DDR II. These all originally come out with 3 versions, and are always in the final boss slot.

Back to the song, it's a happy hardcore track that also has a Drum 'n Bass influence. Each version has a different middle section and slightly different ending. Version A is the standard version which sticks with the same feel; Version B has a breakdown in a dubstep-ish style, and Version C has a slowdown harmonious section, which is reminiscent of YELLOW CANDY from DDR X2. All the versions are tough to play in their own way, and I believe they are a fun workout!

Instead of a gameplay preview, have an audio preview since this is a new song! Here's A, B, and C.

Dubstep Dishwasher / The Living Tombstone
This was an early song added to the game by our founder Lirodon. Technically, he started the theme and songpack project, but slowly faded to obscurity over a few months. In the summer, I started work on a few MLP simfiles and decided to restart the project as a combination of the two. Anyway, this song is repetitive in style, but has nice subtle undertones and some tough steps.

This song was actually released at the same time it was added to our project, so try it now! Just be aware that this is not the final version that will be in the game.

I Love Everything / JackleApp
This was actually a recent addition to the game, as in less than a week ago. Started by Dreamland200, this is a trance reinterpretation of So Many Wonders, and it's one of the slowest songs in the game. However, it's not completely a pushover, and it makes for a fun cooldown.