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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Euphorius is here! (and also, some spring cleaning)

TrotMania Euphorius has been released! We have a ton of new content, as usual, and some new surpsies as well!

Additionally, the downloads for the original versions of the Chrystalize and Rhythm is Magic packs have been removed; they have been succeeded by new versions, which contain various quality-of-life improvements. They can be obtained from the download pages on the current TrotMania website, alongside our latest releases.

As has been previously mentioned, this Blogger site now acts as an archive of posts made prior to our move to PonyvilleFM, and is no longer actively maintained. Thank you for your continued enjoyment of this series!

Monday, January 9, 2017

One Hoof In Front Of The Others

Given that we still get quite a bit of traffic here, I thought it'd be helpful to inform you that we're getting ready for a new version: TrotMania Euphorius:

As you can see, it is looking quite sharp. This time around, we've gone for more of an industrial/desert motif. There will be a ton of new content, and some things that we have never done before.

For updates, see the postings in the Euphorius category on the main site, We are also, once again, holding an OC art contest, with prizes such as free commissions, and having your art appear within TrotMania Euphorius. Check it all out!