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Saturday, October 19, 2013

TrotMania Chrystalize [5] New Songs!

After an extended wait, we finally have a few more nuggets of info to bestow upon you all regarding the new patch! Check out 5 brand new songs past the page break.

But first, let's get the hidden songs from [4] out of the way. Applejack's Theme is now available for play along with a new Challenge chart that's a level 17! The Encore Extra Stage is also normally available, a Holds special version of Ultimate Sweetie Belle!

A new show tune approaches! For the first time, it's actually a background track that caught my fancy from the Equestria Girls movie, the One-on-One With Rainbow Dash. The solo-tastic guitar ensures some very tough steps that require some fleet footing!

NOTE: The audio in-game is free of sound effects completely!

Finally getting an original tune, BLACKGRYPH0N debuts his alias for TrotMania with Faster Than You Know (His previous song, the Beat It collab with Michelle Creber, used his name, Gabriel Brown). If there was a Brony version of the Billboard, this would have what it takes to make it to the top, with great lyrics, a fun poppy beat and synth line, and just a generally fun atmosphere. It's a perfect match for the game!

MandoPony takes his foray into the world of Equestria Girls with his relatively new track Shimmer On. With a surprisingly effective rap from the perspective of the titular character, the song has a dark post-grunge vibe that gets you pumped.

Look, a brand new track! Reviving her fractilx alias from Lightning Dust, our crew member Dreamland takes a shot at UK Hardcore with Canterlot Tame no Tatakai. Rivaling Elemental Creation in both difficulty and readability, going as low as 22 BPM and as high as 364 BPM! Hope you can pick a good speed mod~.

Eurobeat Brony makes another appearance in the game with a full blown boss track: This Day Aria (Hyper Techno Mix feat. Jessa)! Making a beat for the song that manages to evoke the feeling of DDR even more than usual, so it was inevitable that it would be in. Eurobeat fan Blinded No More once again lends his talent to the creation of the charts, giving an absolutely wicked 18 that throws turns and jackhammers all over!

Now, even though we've now done preview for both Crusaders and Chrystalize, I can't say we've revealed everything...you'll just have to wait for the release to see the rest~!