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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ponybox - Event #2

A scant few weeks ago, the latest album from dance artist Sim Gretina was released under the name Ponybox. A collection of mostly vocal tracks, the beats are varied and the genres even more so. Thus, it was a natural fit to promote the album here at TrotMania with a bundle of songs! The following 3 tracks will be released together as part of the event:

  • Cherry Tree (feat. Emily Jones) - An acoustic love song with an electro autotune tinge.
  • Daring Do (feat. Kathy-chan) - A track perfect for the beach with alluring vocals and a tribal style.
  • When the Bass Drops (feat. Nowacking) - A cool, straight dance beat leads this song along with its star vocal talent, feeling like a song that would make it to the radio if it were mainstream.
Look forward to them soon!