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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chrystalize: Extra Lv. 5b

Well, here we are with a new mini-patch on this most giving of days, to which I thank all those who follow this game's progress! I'll let the image do the talking for me, and I hope you enjoy!

Additional Notes

  • New Swarm course, Destiny Trigger
  • Winter Wrap Up has now received a sync fine-tuning.
  • LUV CAN SAVE U, Naraku no Hana, and Until the Sun now have Challenge charts. (In the case of LUV CAN SAVE U, the former Expert has been moved to Challenge and a new Expert takes its place).
  • FOREVER (JackTHerbert Remix) and SUPER TWILIGHT ATTACK OF THE J-POP SLEAZY BOSS GO GO! (Canter Special), the ES and EES of [5], have been fully unlocked, with 2 new songs hiding as ES and EES.
  • Preferred sort has naturally been updated.