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Monday, July 1, 2013

The time has come to ... Chrystalize.

Some of you thought it was silly
Some of you thought it was a bad idea
But others thought it was a great idea
Many of you enjoyed making it
And many more are enjoying to play it
But now, it's time to make this 20% cooler.

The highly anticipated sequel to TrotMania: Rhythm is Magic, the MLP-themed simfile pack (which not even I expected would become that well-received) is FINALLY here! I must admit, my vision for the project was blurred due to the contributions of a certain person (No offense, but it was this same person who really helped me get off the ground, plus he actually did agree with me about this), so my #1 goal for Chrystalize was to ensure it stayed within the scope of songs from the series, plus remixes and original songs by its fans (AND A LOT MORE TRIXIE TOO.).

And well, that's a goal we met! Now, just so you're aware, what we are releasing tonight is the base pack, which I'm calling "Extra Lv. 0" (totally ripped that idea from GF/DM). We got 30 songs to start, plus one designated Extra Stage song (If you want to access it "properly", enable Hidden Songs and Extra Stage, and disable Event Mode).

Now, there will, of course, be more where that came from! Every 2 to 3 weeks, we will release an update to add a few more songs to the pack. Every other update will add boss songs. You're okay with this, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the Downloads page now, get your hooves all polished up, upgrade to StepMania 5 Beta 2, unzip the two ZIP files (simfiles and theme) into their respective locations, and get ready to trot! The full base songlist is after the break...

Also, Happy Canada Day, everyone!

Chrystalize: Main Song List

From FiM

Babs Seed ("One Bad Apple")
Mirai Start! (Japanese OP)
Raise This Barn ("Apple Family Reunion")

Remixes and Originals

Afterlife (Aviators Remix) / Switchfoot
Beat It / Michelle Creber & Gabriel Brown
Apple Bloom ‘n Babs (Part 1) / D2L & YURIMEAS
Babs Seed (Reconciled Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Bag Hag (I Didn’t Put Those in My Bag) / SimGretina
Becoming Popular (Assertive Fluttershy Mix) / Assertive Fluttershy
Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
Flutterborn / Twitch
Flutterwonder / PinkiePieWonder
For the New Lunar Republic [Remix] / General Mumble
FOREVER / General Mumble
Good Girl / Dasha + The Living Tombstone
Hush Now Quiet Now (TranceBlossom Remix) / TranceBlossom
Kindness / AcoustiMandoBrony
Lightning Dust -DanceDanceRevolution mix- / fractilx
Magic / The Living Tombstone feat. Lauren G.
MAKE IT SPECIAL (Season Rebirth MIX) / foozogz
Miles / dBPony feat. EileMonty
Something Better / Replacer
The Apology / d.notive
The Flim Flam Brothers (Locomotion Mix) / Eurobeat Brony
The Silliest of the Silly Ponies! / NoizyBrony
Trixie / Jeff Burgess
Trixie’s Good Side / PinkiePieWonder
Until The Sun / &1 feat. Feather
WLTZ4_TR.EXE (Trixie Returns) / Interrobang Pie remixed by Yurimeas

Extra Stage:

??? / ???