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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chrystalize: Extra Lv. 1

Well, here we go, the first update for Chrystalize. Four new songs, plus five new Marathon courses featuring songs from the new pack. The update is distributed in two parts; the four individual new songs are now available in the ZIV category, while a second ZIP file contains the courses and other minor patches as described below.

So, what's new exactly?

New Songs

  • MAKE IT SPECIAL (Reflection MIX) / Foozogz
  • Pinkie's Lie / WoodenToaster
  • The Perfect Stallion
  • Trixie the Pony Troll [VIP] / Alex S.

New Courses

  • Apple! Apple! Apple!
  • A tribute to the GREATEST unicorn who EVER lived!
  • Flutter
  • RE:Wind
  • Six for Six


  • D.A.N.C.E. is now in the Preferred sort along with the new songs
  • Background fixed for Call Upon The Seaponies
  • Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix) and I'm Going Slightly Mad have been removed from the canonical song list.
While we're here, many ZIV members are participating in Summer Contest 2013, a competition where members create simfiles for songs based off a weekly theme. Our very own RIME submitted an excellent simfile for HachioujiP's "Candii" last week. Expect a lot of 16th notes, cause it was 16th note week of course.

This song was going to be added to the Chrystalize pack in this patch, but since I wanted to maintain my word about having only pony music in Chrystalize, I guess we could call it a part of TrotMania Chronicles or something? Oh wait, did I just hint at a possible compromise?


Originally, the plan for the Extras was to have 4 pony songs and 1 non-pony song, all added to Chrystalize. Now, when you download the patch, you'll have a new category to play with, TrotMania Crusaders. Here's where songs that are stepped by our regulars for the game but are unrelated musically and/or graphically to the series will be, and I assure you support will be good, better than the original plan. This also means that the 4 pony song number will not necessarily be a limit for Chrystalize Extras, with the chance of more in the future, so everyone wins!