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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Golden Notes, Golden Moves - Event #1

We here in the TrotMania crew are proud to introduce the first event for this game, a crossover with the recently released second version of My Little Karaoke: Singing is Magic! We've actually worked with them before, sharing resources for show tunes and having some users there act as beta testers, but now we actually have some more public involvement. As it stands, the current plan is for both games to bring over 3 songs from the other to enjoy in a different playstyle. The 3 that we have picked aren't being revealed just yet, so you know what that means...hint post!

Aloe Aloe (Radio Edit) / Underpony
You might figure out the title if you think about one aspect of DDR S+ DLC that was sort of odd. Something about this DLC is also related to early DLC of jubeat plus.

Explanation: plazma was one of the first licensed artists in both games. In DDR S+, a 3 pack was released along with 2 single-only tracks. (Now 5-packs could be sold at a lower price per track, so this is odd because of either weird licensing or just plain old money-grubbing) One of those 2 tracks was "Aloe Dreams", connection being Aloe.

Cerulean Blue / Replacer
I don't know...my hint-making skills lately have been hazy and misty lately, so I...have made it for you already! This one is a multi-step connection to make.

Explanation: My word choice was key here. Catch on to "Misty" and you may think of the gym leader of the early Pokemon games. What gym did she lead? Cerulean Gym! Connection of course being Cerulean in this case.

Take My Hand / Tara Strong
You know, Berry Punch, our videographer, is named Berrylicious on ZIV. Now, what was the (pony) origin of all this -licious stuff?

Explanation: Yes this one was simple, but was also deceptively easy to miss the mark on. Starter of the -licious meme was indeed Twilightlicious, but who was it again who did that? Tara Strong, which is what I really meant by origin. The one Tara Strong song we could've crossed over from the public setlist was this one.

The My Little Karaoke crew is also planning to do this event of course, but has stated that track creation is on hold until after Galacon 2013, which is August 4th. So, this event may take a while on their end, but we're proud to announce that these 3 tracks will be part of [Extra 2], which is coming *very* soon.

[UPDATE: Phase 1 of the event has now transpired on the My Little Karaoke side, with AgainSpin That Record Vinyl Scratch, Ultimate Sweetie Belle crossing over in a massive megapack! (Daring Do was also added, but it was part of the Ponybox event for both games) Expect news on Phase 2 on our side sometime soon!]

If you can't wait to find out the tracks, take a shot at guessing from these hints! Remember all 3 songs are on the My Little Karaoke tracklist currently.