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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rhythm is Magic is Done!

What a great 8 months the game has had. With 8 patches, and ending up with 89 songs, this package sure ended up meaty. It's been great to have the opportunity to bring show songs, PMV songs, originals, and even crossovers from other BEMANI titles into this, and we celebrate the end with the final patch, 1.80. This one has 3 specific themes, culminating into a final single track.

The first group is the Enhance Trio. We brought back Queen and Coldplay, artists available at launch, and released tracks from them older and newer respectively compared to the launch tracks. Daft Punk's track, on the other hand, is an enhancement of the Sweetie Belle theme of patch 1.70, which, as you may remember, had a bit of a setback with a lost track.
The second group is the Rock Trio. A bonus theme here is that each song is a different type. The license is Lay Down, which received its fame from Guitar Hero 3. The BEMANI crossover is Friendship, hailing from jubeat copious. The original is Daddy Discord, and it is a vicious boss track!
The final group is the Tricoro Trio. All songs hail from Beatmania IIDX 20: Tricoro and all contain highly difficult charts. 405nm (Ryu Mix) is the easiest, with a level 16 as its Lunatic and standard difficulties otherwise. LUV CAN SAVE U is easy on all difficulties aside from Stallion, where it has a 17. Little Star is difficult all around, with a Stallion leveled 17.
The final single is D.A.N.C.E. by Justice. What better way to send the game off than to appeal to its core: dancing? This track has appeared in previous DDRs, but it has a new cut here along with an awesome PMV! I do believe we gave it great treatment, and we hope you enjoy this final package!

Remember, the link for download instructions is here, and the post below has the preview for our upcoming sequel, TrotMania Chrystalize!