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Monday, December 30, 2013

[7] Info Post

Last time, there ended up being 3 preview posts for the various aspects of the [6] patch. We hope to alleviate that with this sole info post for gameplay previews, song info, and perhaps some extra stuff!

LAST UPDATE: 3/3/14 - Things have been happening, just slowly, plus I keep forgetting to update. Several new chart previews are now linked and we are proud to announce that Insane Techniques is now available early as part of the Tournament of Immortals 4 Zenius-I-Vanisher contest!

TrotMania Chrystalize New Tracks

Before we get started with new stuff, it's worth mentioning that, as usual, the Extra and Encore stage songs from last update, Celestia's Ballad (Sim Gretina Remix) and Art of the Dress (Always Stressed Mix) (Density Special), are now available for normal play.

Another show tune makes it to the game, the shortest of the non-movie variety! I've Got to Find a Way is also one of the easiest of the show tunes due to its soft tempo and relatively minimal production to work with. Sort of depressing...if only there were a triumphant version?..that'd be an *extra* cool *encore*.

Buy Some Apples is coming to the game! Sim Gretina makes a return with one of the tracks from his older album Ponibot, with MEMJ-bot, previously appearing in Glide, lending vocals.

Fandom mainstay The Living Tombstone makes another appearance with Stuck in Time!

TrotMania Crusaders New Tracks

By the way, it's probably worth mentioning that this is the last update for TrotMania Crusaders. Some courses in [8] may use songs from it, and there might be some surprises, but Standard Mode will be complete with [7].

Woah baby, you're the one...who should be hype for the new track Back in Time. More Pitbull makes its way to the game, originally the promotional track for Men In Black 3.

Well, it finally happened: Justin Bieber makes his reappearance in one of my series (the second simfile I made for QUASAR was Baby, before it made it to DanceDanceRevolution II). Personally, I love the instrumentation on this one: the bass is pumping in the verse, the background melody tones are enchanting, and the electrostep finale is a welcome surprise, especially for stepping!

English songstress Ellie Goulding returns to the game with her premiere charter for 2014, Burn! Though radio-friendly, her lovely voice shines through, and the tempo is very fast, allowing for some complex patterns!

#5 Billboard song of the year is from newcomer Macklemore: Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton)! It's nice and refreshing with its video and its unique instrumentation.

You know, I love filmi (*hint hint*), but of course that stuff never charts in America. It appears this is the closest we'll get: Come & Get It, a Selena Gomez song with Hindi influence. At least it's slow swing lends itself to 24th note charts.

Britpop sure has become an unintentional theme of this update, huh? In any case, Domino also did well in the States, and it's easy to see why, with its club beat and powerful vocals!

Daft Punk throws their hat (or mask?) into the ring with an awesome 70's-styled track with some of their signature stylings: Get Lucky!

Our PMV track for the update is also from Ellie Goulding, the title track off her album Halcyon. How this song didn't become a single befuddles me; in any case, it's a nice energetic track that's acoustic and vocal-driven.

I don't know how I've managed to add more Korean songs than Spanish songs over the course of Crusader's patches, despite my heritage and musical roots. In any case, have some legendary waltz with Hijo de la Luna!

As always, I do my best to appeal to both classic and modern audiences in these updates. Radiohead's sophomore album The Bends brings us the hard hitting Just with ominous lyrics and an even more ominous video. Most of the charts are simple except for the Expert, which goes bananas near the end thanks to the guitar solo and its lead-in!

fun. has been one of the more enjoyable groups in recent memory, and this song proves that lead singer Nate Ruess can hold his own in Just Give Me a Reason with P!NK. Sometimes, it's the minimalist tracks that work best, carried by the piano, a steady beat, and especially the vocals!

From the tail end of 2012 comes Locked Out of Heaven, Bruno Mars' high paced retro track!

We bring even more vocaloid to the game with Lost One no Goukoku. A record setter in jubeat plus, the song has some razor sharp and quick vocals along with some great guitar licks to follow in your dance!

What's to say other than the fact that every game needs its silly component? 303, I mean 3OH!3, debuts along with DDR alumnus KE$HA in this adorably juvenile track.

This was a pleasant surprise to see in 2013's Hot 100, considering it's from early in 2012. Another talented British songstress, Emeli Sande brings some soul to the game with Next to Me! Now, I've mentioned some of my past efforts already, and it's time for some background on how it went: after QUASAR, I tried doing sets of artists as "DLC packs", failing to keep with a schedule. I then randomly added songs as part of the DDR club at school, compiling the best of them to form a QUASAR 2 with new songs including this one around the same time as TrotMania Rhythm is Magic. After dawdling on finishing all the charts, I whittled down the list even more (including this song) and compiled them into PULSAR, adding more tracks. Dawdling again, I finally released that pack as [4] for TrotMania Crusaders with even more new tracks. As a result, I have a whole back catalog of near-finished and abandoned songs. With this song making it to the Hot 100, I finally had the motivation to salvage this one and finish it, and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Do the Lambada!..I mean, the Floor? Jennifer Lopez returned to the pop scene in 2011 with On the Floor, a collaboration with Pitbull.

This song barely made it to the Hot 100, exactly hitting #100, but it most definitely deserves to be higher! Still Into You is one of Paramore's biggest hits after The Only Exception, and it's much more fitting for the game with its energy!

Garbage makes its final appearance with Stupid Girl! This one is even calmer than Only Happy When It Rains, with one difficult segment.

Remember how the promotions for DanceDanceRevolution UNIVERSE 3 touted 6 songs of which only 1 actually appeared in the game? Well, we've already gotten Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger out of the way, and now we take on Tainted Love!

EXIT TUNES gets another track in the game with Yie Ar Fan Club!

In celebration of the SPADA album release on Christmas day, we bring you 2 of its tracks. First is kors k's latest, Insane Techniques. Though it doesn't have full force of Playing With Fire, it is still a very tight track ready for the clubs! m1dy Deluxe is speedcore artist m1dy's personal Best Of, combining many of the concepts of his various tracks into a single magnum opus. Plus, it's the first Crusaders track to have a level 19 chart!

Insane Techniques is now available early as part of the Tournament of Immortals 4 contest! Download it here, and don't forget to vote if you are on Zenius! (but please do judge fairly; don't just vote my file because I linked you, and remember to read the rules!)

From pop'n music Sunny Park comes Kodomo live. Its genre in that game is described as "Warabestep": A song in the nursery style in an unusual and actually really cool fusion with dubstep. The chart is one of the hardest triplet based ones in the game, with probably only Pinkie's Lie trumping it. Also from the series is EFFECT, with new spritework by yours truly! I'll admit that Party was my introduction to the series and the originals for that particular game resonated very well with me.

REFLEC BEAT brings us Umeyukiyo. One of the more unorthodox Qrispy Joybox tracks, it provides one of the most energetic Japanese traditional styled tracks since SAKURA. Also coming are the two epic tracks Legendary Dragon and Stray March, in the orchestral and march genres respectively!

Course Announcements

NOTE: The songs in this course are exclusive to the Pump it Up playstyle as of this update

Gameplay Previews

Next to Me / Emeli Sande (It wasn't taken down, but it was blocked in practically every single country. Just know it's done)

On the Floor / Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull (Unable to be quick linked)

In addition, the following songs now are available for preview on YouTube:
  • Be Mine
  • Nightmare Night
  • Canterlot Tame no Tatakai
  • Fluttershy's Serious Workout
  • Changeling
  • Naraku no Hana
  • Party With Pinkie [VIP]

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