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Monday, December 9, 2013

TrotMania Chrystalize [6] New Songs!

A few weeks ago, we revealed some of the tracks coming to TrotMania Crusaders in the next update (By the way, a couple songs have been added since the initial posting, so check it out again!), and now it's Chrystalize's turn!

Rounding out our selection of Equestria Girls songs is Time to Come Together. This one actually has the hardest of the 4 main songs' charts, combining 16ths, the jackhammer accent patterns from This Strange World, and a faster tempo!

Fresh off the success of Faster than you Know, the duo of BLACK GRYPH0N and Baasik are back with Crusader (Are We There Yet), a cheery tune that doesn't mind having great lyrics as well! The notes aren't too complex, but they sure are fast!

Can't resist some club music on occasion! ArcaneSoul brings us the heavy hitting trance track Echoes of Friendship. Be prepared to gallop your way to victory literally!

First we had some upbeat country pop style music make its debut. Now we have country more in the vein of a western movie's score, Road to Appleloosa (Freewave's Road House Remix). Wrapping a smooth beat around Braeburn's tour of the town, it's a fun little cooldown track.

From d.notive's new album Fantasy comes Taking Flight, a relatively simple track with some difficulty from the snares!

We also have the remix of the song by The Living Tombstone, his first pony song after the period of being unable to do them due to a pro deal. In any case, it's in the style you all know and love, with some cool electro elements added!

Riding off the Ponybox event, we now have yet another SimGretina track, his remix of Until the Sun! Though most of the steps aren't too intense thanks to the BPM, the chart is rather interestingly twisty.

A new EVOLVED song?! This is madness! No, this is SOMBRA! This one has a lot of twists and turns, especially in terms of BPM!

By the way, you can now play the Extra Stage songs from [5b], Lesson Learnt and Party With Pinkie (Discord Special), in normal gameplay. Naturally, there is a new ES stage and EES stage to replace them (If you've been keeping track, you should probably know what gameplay style the EES is...)

Be prepared to check this page out over the next couple of days; there are more songs that will be revealed!