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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aeternum Obscurum Preview: The Theme

So it's about time that I begin to show you what I have been working on, design-wise, for TrotMania III: Aeternum Obscurum. The design of TM III comes with influence from several concepts and themes that have, surprisingly, fit well together. Primarily, I'm trying to make this one be partly Luna/Nightmare Moon-themed; hence, it's at night, blues are the prevalent color scheme, and certain elements are designed to have a sort of "mythological" look to them. EDM and rave culture will also serve as an influence for TM III as a whole; hence there is quite a bit of neon, lasers, and sparkly stuff too. I'm also using more animated elements to make the design feel more "alive" too.

You may have also noticed the "black vines" from the most recent season premiere are part of the look here and there. It's an, ahem, unique combination, but I'm trying to make it work, because there's a reason for their presence (aside from the addition of teal to counter the blues). Plus, the vines aren't the only thing from S4/E1 and 2 that will be prominent here, just you wait!

Now, obviously, this is still a WIP,. Everything is subject to change. Check out the teaser images here, and if you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, etc., please let me know! Oh, and also, we will also be holding an art contest soon that will give you (yes you) a chance to have your characters featured in TM III (either on the menu screens, result screens, etc.). Stay tuned for more information