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Thursday, February 6, 2014

TrotMania III "Rave-Off" Art Contest (RE-OPENED)

Edit: Due to an overall lack of publicity/entries many of us being sidetracked by other things, and the like, I forgot to actually adknowledge whether the contest is open or not. This contest is still open, and has been extended to the end of August.

TrotMania III is going to be quite special. Among other things, it's the third version (duh)! But actually, the real reason, is that we're going to give you all a chance to be a part of it in a unique way. And for that, we've decided to have an art contest. But it's not just any art contest, it's a pure RAVE OFF!

So what does this entail?

In the TrotMania III theme itself, I've been personally trying to lessen my dependence on the "canon" characters for various reasons. But those reasons are dull and boring, let's get to the good stuff! TrotMania III is themed around the Summer Sun Celebration... well, not quite. It's the Summer Sun Celebration re-imagined as a dance music festival, much like, say, Electric Daisy Carnival. So of course, that means everyone dresses up in frilly, neon-colored outfits with glowing things, often beads and sometimes cool masks (and sometimes, a combination of the last two).

What shall we do?

All you have to do, is create art of your (new or old) OC pony, in some type of DJ and/or rave-related outfit. Preferably a vector in the style of the show. Submit them as links to your favourite art site (i.e. dA, Tumblr, etc.) in comments on this blog post. The cooler the pose/outfit, the better!

What will I get if I win?

Submissions will be featured in various locations of TrotMania 3; particularly, on menu screens, and as part of the randomized cycle of backdrops you see on the results screen (where you'll be depends on where I can make it fit). You'll also get to be in the credits, and all submissions will also be featured in an art showcase on the TrotMania site (kinda like EQD's roundup posts).

The top 3 entries will also, as a grand prize, be able to pick songs to be featured in TrotMania III! First place will get to choose 3, second place will get to choose 2, and third place will get to choose 1.

Other rules

  • Art theft will not be tolerated
  • No Alicorn OCs allowed.
  • Keep entries appropriate; i.e. no drug use, not too sexy.
  • You may enter up to three times per person (of course, if you want to contribute additional art, you sure can! But only your first three entries will count for the contest judging)
  • By submitting art in this contest, you allow it to be used within the TrotMania project. You will definitely receive credit for your art, don't worry.
  • If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

Our tentative due date is 11:59 p.m. EST on August 31, 2014! Good luck!