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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chrystalize: Extra Lv. 3

Why yes, there is a reason that everything is here, though you'll have to work to find out why for a few of them...
So, we got a new update. With some new songs. And a new way of downloading it too.

The last point has been the subject of some internal confusion

New Songs

  • Equestria Girls (Helping Twilight Win the Crown)
  • This Is Our Big Night
  • This Strange World
  • Again / SimGretina & EileMonty
  • Apple Bloom 'n Babs (Part 2) / D2L & YURIMEAS
  • Changeling / All Levels at Once
  • Made Up Your Mind / Evdog & Friends
  • Skybound / Assertive
  • Sunshine & Celery Stalks / PinkiePieSwear
  • Luna (NIGHTMARE Mode) / Eurobeat Brony
  • Wonderbolt / dBPony feat. PrinceWhateverer (Extra-Stage Exclusive from [2])

New Crusaders Songs

  • Fly On the Wall / Miley Cyrus
  • Joyful
  • Move Your Feet / JuniorSenior
  • Whip It / Devo
  • I'm Going Slightly Mad / Queen (Formerly in Rhythm is Magic)
  • Irony / ClariS  (Formerly in Rhythm is Magic)
  • PONPONPON / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Formerly in Rhythm is Magic)

Final Removed Songlist

(All formerly decanonized tracks are back unless they are on the list)
  • Brain Stew / Green Day
  • Cowboy Casanova / Carrie Underwood
  • Dubstep Dishwasher / The Living Tombstone
  • Vinyl Takes Flight [Let's Get This Started] / Derpy Hooves
  • Heavy Rotation
  • DUB-I-DUB (2008 X-Edit) / Me&My
  • Everytime We Touch / Cascada
  • IF YOU WERE HERE / Jennifer
  • IF YOU WERE (L.E.D.-G STYLE REMIX) / Jennifer
  • TIME AFTER TIME / Novaspace

New download structure

(updated September 4)

So there was a lot of confusion backstage about the new download structure. I literally had to go through and revise it because how it was explained was just so confusing. Basically, there's a new download package for Chrystalize that has all the songs released for it up to this point (Lv. 3 included) with a portable SM5, and an add-on pack for

If you came here from EQD expecting Lite/Standard/Ultra, I got rid of that because primarily, it just wasn't explained clearly enough, and wasn't what I expected it to be either. So, check out the Downloads page...

P.S. The Encore Extra Stage is relevant now, so do your best to obtain it!