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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I just don't know what went wrong!

(Epic Rage Time is pretty good, by the way)

I saw on Equestria Daily this morning
That news of Chrystalize Level 3 was posted, without warning

But then I saw our chat box
And the complaints of one led me into a shock

He said the download page was confusing
With doubts of whether the patches had been infusing

I talked with the man responsible for this plight
But even I was confused about this inaugural flight

After receiving a large amount of clarification
I journeyed down the path of restoration.

With what I've changed, it makes more sense
It's much better now; those are my two cents.

Non-#talklikezecoraday version

So apparently, without my knowledge, we had a good news/bad news situation related to how Chrystalize Lv. 3 was released. Good news: you can finally download the base package and updates together; no more archive hell! The bad news was, how things were worded were very confusing, according to a few people. Even I was confused by it, to be honest.

In response. I changed around the Lite/Standard/Ultra stuff. No, in reality, I got rid of it completely. It's now just a TrotMania Chrystalize download with SM5 and all the patches up to this point included, and a pack with the older Rhythm is Magic songs. That's what these "lite" and "standard" packs were, in reality. It wasn't anything like what I thought it was (or what I think it should have been), which would have had Standard actually be TM1+TM2+SM and not just "TM1 only, some assembly required".

So sorry for this; it's not my fault.