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Thursday, August 8, 2013

jukebeat notice!

For those of you with an iOs system, here's a cool notice for you! The free app jukebeat has recently added the 29th Konami Music Pack, which contains a couple of songs you may recognize from Rhythm is Magic.

Getting the pack on day 1, I can say the charts are quite difficult but entertaining! Little Star -EXTREME- and Luv Can Save U -ADVANCED- are very fun, while Luv Can Save U -EXTREME- is an extreme test of your sight-reading and rhythms.

Packs seem on the slightly expensive side at first, costing $3.99 (+tax if applicable in your territory), but it should be noted that these 2 tracks are joined by 2 others: Twinkle Wonderland and KIRA KIRA STATION, which are both awesome tracks. In the end, the cost per track is fair, so give it a shot! If you don't know if the game is right for you, have a go at the demo tracks, hailing from classic KONAMI series like Frogger and Contra.

Several other songs from Rhythm is Magic and DanceDanceRevolution are spread throughout these packs, so give them a try if you liked them in our dancing game! Find them below the page break.

KONAMI Music Pack 27
Amalgamation (from DanceDanceRevolution X3)
Baby Bleep March
PRANA (from DanceDanceRevolution 2013)

KONAMI Music Pack 26
Who Floats (from DanceDanceRevolution 2013)

KONAMI Music Pack 21
The Wind of Gold (from DanceDanceRevolution 2013)

KONAMI Music Pack 19

KONAMI Music Pack 18
TWINKLE HEART (from DanceDanceRevolution X3)

KONAMI Music Pack 17
yellow head joe

KONAMI Music Pack 15
Theory of Eternity

KONAMI Music Pack 14
Chance and Dice (from DanceDanceRevolution X)
Green Green Dance
SigSig (from DanceDanceRevolution X3)

KONAMI Music Pack 11
Sweet Rain (from both Rhythm is Magic and DanceDanceRevolution 2013)

KONAMI Music Pack 10
I'm So Happy (from DanceDanceRevolution X2)

KONAMI Music Pack 09
SUMIDAGAWA KARENKA (from DanceDanceRevolution X3)

KONAMI Music Pack 05
Rin to shite saku hana no gotoku (from DanceDanceRevolution X)

KONAMI Music Pack 03
TRUE LOVE (from DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA)

KONAMI Music Pack 01
FLOWER (from DanceDanceRevolution X3)

So, why make this post when it really has a small connection to TrotMania? Well, it's because deep down, we are very much one with DDR; after all, we have the same game style, plus we specifically tried to hold ourselves to KONAMI's standards. KONAMI is responsible for both DDR and jukebeat in the states, which is why they share some tracks. In addition, jukebeat is quite amazing, especially for iPad users. Signs at this point indicate the budget is approaching zero due to low sales, and there won't be amazing brand new stuff without it. Bronies, if you like jukebeat, I strongly encourage you give the app a chance, to help breathe some new life into it!