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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chrystalize Preview: Pinkie's Lie

An older track featured in the game (though what is old when the fandom's only been around since 2010?...), Pinkie's Lie is another track by WoodenToaster, who has been previously featured with Beyond Her Garden in TrotMania. Unlike that track, this one is built on sampling/covering, with the main song being Giggle at the Ghostie. However, it has a great beat, along with some devious triplets throughout, which are being advantage of for the charts!

Special note is that the PMV for this one was lost in the internet for a while, with the only existing copies on Youtube having some nasty artifacts. Striving to give you guys the best, we managed to obtain a source copy, for which we have also the cut found in-game to YouTube as a bonus preview! Check it out here.

In addition, Zenius-I-Vanisher is hosting a Tournament of Immortals 3, and I'm a contestant. Connect the dots...

[Electro-House] Pinkie's Lie - WoodenToaster
Stepped by RIME
Lv. 2 / Lv. 5 / Lv. 11 / Lv. 14