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Monday, April 1, 2013

Chrystalize Preview: A New Twist

We had a lot of criticism surrounding how the next TrotMania edition was being developed; but the most common complaint we that we, as a group, have changed the game way too much since the beginning of the series, and that we're too biased towards newer material...

With this in mind, I'd like to unveil something else that will be a part of the new version; it will not just be TrotMania Chrystalize: it will be TrotMania Chrystalize VS. Infinite HEART!

Infinite HEART was one of our first versions, released back in 2009, and by popular demand, we have incorporated a full, remastered remake of it playable right from within Chrystalize! See, it was released at a weird time; there wasn't your fancy-pants "Friendship is Magic" or your "G4" yet; Rarity was more prissy, Rainbow Dash always dressed in style, Pinkie Pie was more girly and less of a fourth wall breaker (but still liked parties), Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo actually had their cutie marks (and Cheerilee was the latter's mom!), Spike was a dragon, and there were ERMAGAHD SEAPONEZ!!!!

Re-live this excellent period in pony history with the all new Infinite HEART MODE; you will be able to access it in the final version of Chrystalize straight from the mode menu!

To refresh your memory, here's just some of the great songs you're going to see in :
  • Call Upon the Seaponies
  • Call Upon the Seaponies (EuroSHOOBEDOO Mix)
  • I Just Wanna Have Fun
  • That's What Makes a Friend
  • The Jamboree of Ladybugs
  • MLP Theme (G2)
  • MLP Theme (G3.5)
  • Who's a Silly Pony?
We also re-did the song artwork to be more relevant to today's generation as well, mainly because we forgot where we stored our original source files, and because we needed to make jackets too (StepMania 3.9 Plus couldn't do that, you know)

And, can you unlock the secret, hard new boss song that will also be hidden in Infinite HEART MODE? We'll see and find out.

Its so awesome that it'll leave you saying, "Betcha can't make a face crazier than ...... THIS!!"