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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The start of a new era

Dear Trotters,

I never actually expected TrotMania to be this much of a success. We're still, in my opinion, not the biggest fan project in the brony community, but the fact that we've gotten this big is shocking.

So, about that "big announcement" I teased yesterday? Well, here it is...

Hold on to your hooves...

...because TrotMania has become a partner of PonyvilleFM.

So what does this mean to you? Firstly, you'll have to change your bookmarks, because we got a new site. We are now located at http://trotmania.ponyvillefm.com/

The new site may look a little familiar, but under the hood, it's a completely different story which will let us do a lot more fun stuff than we could under Blogger, including a forum (coming soon), and an overhauled downloads page that is not just 20%, but 200% cooler.

There will also be, possibly, some cross-promotional initiatives between them as well.

We both operate under similar wavelengths in regards to electronic and dance music, and even better, some of their staff members are Bemani fans as well, much like us, so its a perfect fit.

TrotMania itself will have the same great taste you know and love, but with these changes, we now have a partner that fits with our ideals, and have provided us with the resources for us to cultivate a dedicated community.

So, who wants to pop the sarsaparilla?