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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year, A New Night-venture!

Firstly, of course...

Happy New Year!

And secondly, as promised...

We would officially like to welcome you to the TrotMania III: Aternum Obscurum Public Beta! Our last big tease we had on Halloween, and things have changed quite a bit since: we've not only polished up the previous preview songs, but there is now pretty much an entire base set! Of course, we are still working on things: there will still be, a little later on, a larger "main" release with the theme, more songs, and all that jazz too, but for now...

You interested in getting the best experience, read on...
Downloading the pack gets you most of the content, however there are some really cool pieces that you'll miss. Luckily, they're all here for you to grab conveniently!

The following can be clicked to download. Then unload into the song's folder:

Generosity has a video! At 100 MB, the video spares no detail, giving the song the visceral experience of Manehattan as intended.

Dregs of a Bitter Cup has its video! This 75 MB beauty was a major hit in the summer, bringing the 2011 song to the top 10 over this summer. The intense track gets accompanied by a chase scene zooming through Canterlot culminating in quite the epic fight.

Descent has a custom visual. It's not a video, but a 1 MB collection of images that definitely give this creepy track more of an edge.

The following must be right-clicked and saved in the song's folder to download:

The Rappin' Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts has its video. Though it's only 30 MB, the quality is just as high as Generosity since the length is lower. Definitely makes the short track worth it!