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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We have arrived.

There is just one more stop on the road to Las Pegasus, and one of the most highly anticipated music festivals in the entire country. The one festival that simply everypony wants to attend at least once (well, that is if they're even a fan of electronic music; although the Appleloosa Country Corral is pretty good too). It has gotten so big, that it has even received spin-offs held in different parts of Equestria. While its organizers consider them to be the appetizers, the fans eat it up just as much as the main course. Besides, what's the harm in holding a spin-off of a festival celebrating the summer solstice in the middle of spring?

The harm is that, if this event didn't exist, you wouldn't be going to Baltimare right now for the... 


You just knew we were teasing something, right? Well, it's finally here. Chrystalize Append is an expansion to Chrystalize, created almost entirely by Dreamland200 (well, Dreamland200 did all the steps, but Lirodon did some of the art and courses too). This expansion has a theme; specifically, songs that were performed at the Bronypalooza concerts at BronyCon.

There are 25 songs in all, all of which feature single and doubles charts. Although it is considered an "expansion" to Chrystalize, it is essentially a standalone pack with its own folder, and even some of its own courses too (you can call it TrotMania 2.5, essentially). This will be the last TrotMania release until we begin to let a certain cat known as TMIII out of the bag...

Download links are after the jump, and will be added to the main download page later.