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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chrystalize: Extra Lv. 8 (FINAL UPDATE)

Credit: KyssS90
The time has come. All games strive for it, but only once every few months does a game reach...full ascension.

TrotMania Chrystalize has now officially completed its run along with sister project TrotMania Crusaders. Over 200 songs were introduced in the two games, and now finales for both projects are available to play!

Crusaders' last song is the amazing Let It Go from Disney's Frozen. Currently holding at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100, this is Idina Menzel's most giant hit, and, as this writer knew her works from a young age, simply had to be stepped, along with the snow tie-ins to Chrystalize's motif.

Concluding for Chrystalize is the last of the Groove Radar specials, or rather THE Groove Radar Special, this time the song being Alex S.'s remix of My Little Pony Theme. Every aspect of the Groove Radar is covered, with lengthy streams with jacks abound, dense segments where it reaches "bag" levels of BPM, segments loaded with unusual timings to induce chaos, and of course plenty of jumps and holds along with BPM gimmicks for good measure.


In addition to a few other minor changes, the course-exclusive songs from Destiny Trigger (which were also the ES and EES of [7]) have been added for normal play in Chrystalize, and the Pump it Up exclusives now have full sets of DanceDanceRevolution charts (they are also compiled in the Billboard 2013 - Part 4) course.

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