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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1.70 Teaser #3

Congratulations to Jukebeat on its 50th pack! As a celebration, we here at the TrotMania team are bringing you 3 tracks from the original series, jubeat. Here are the details:

-Track #1 is Green Green Dance and is available now! Originating in jubeat knit and making it to jukebeat in KONAMI Music Pack 14, this frolicking tune is fast-paced and features a variety of solos along with minstrel-like melodies.

-Track#2 is Baby Bleep March and is available now! This hyper track fits so perfectly with the chaos the Cake twins wreak on Pinkie Pie initially, and the steps are a definite challenge! If you've been following recent developments with jukebeat and jubeat plus content, you'd know that what was (in Japan) saucer pack 02 corresponds to KONAMI Music Pack 26 in the US. However since saucer pack 01's song DIAVOLO got pushed to pack 26, one of the corresponding tracks (this one) got pushed out. Let's hope it's in 27!

-Track #3 is Flip Flap and is available now! Originating in Reflec Beat limelight, the track was crossed over to jubeat saucer at the beginning of May, so it is quite fresh to the series. While it doesn't have the raw speed that its relatives smooooch and Wuv U have, it still has plenty of difficulty due to its triplet timing.