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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Diamonds...or Just Rough: Behind the Scenes of TrotMania: Rhythm is Magic

Obviously, when you develop a major project, you're going to go through several revisions before you are satisfied with something. With a group project, it's even more likely! Thus, with the first TrotMania, we ended up not using quite a few resources. Some were lost to the passage of time, but there are still a few saved!

Unused Banners

Unused Jackets

(Well, technically, there was no use intended for this one. I made it at the same time as the remix in the chance that the original might be stepped. Will it? Time will tell.)

Originally, I had both versions of Luna planned for TM1 (and I even had a jacket ready for the Alex S. Remix too). Somehow it got lost in Spike's hoard of gifts, and only Dream Mode got stepped (and we ended up deciding that we had too much Eurobeat Brony). Could it appear on TM2? Stay tuned... -Lirodon

Unused Backgrounds

(Note: The intention of this one was to have the tail and horn a glowy white. However, the background just generally stunk, so it was canned.)

Unused Base Data 

Also early mockups of the TM1 theme. Dear Princess Celestia, what I was I thinking...? (though the 2nd one ended up being closer to what I eventually used

I really like her tail.