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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Patches 1.60-1.80

Here's information for any new patches for TrotMania: Rhythm is Magic. Note that official support ends once CHRYSTALIZE is released, so request new features and bug fixes sooner not later!

Released: April 9, 2013
-Finally. another DanceDanceRevolution track makes its way to TrotMania! Drop the Bomb is coming with a new Challenge chart and the PMV from rsmv2you.
-Ah! There's fancy speaking here! Radio Song by french pop-rock group Superbus is coming to the game, with a CMC-focused PMV.
-Party 4U (Holy Nite Mix) by Japanese artist cranky is in! Now, why would a rave song from the late 90's come here with what seems to be no connection? Well, the connection will become apparent in the sequel...
-Spring Pony from both BEMANI titles pop'n music and jubeat is now in DDR! This energetic little track will get you out of your winter hibernation!
-Opportunity (The Flim Flam Brothers Song) has finally gotten a Challenge chart and another sync fix!
-The Land of Equestria now has a Challenge chart. With this, Flouride Soundscapes, and I Love Everything receiving new charts through these past patches, there are very few songs that won't provide a challenge to experienced players!
-I Love Everything now has a Single 02 and 06 for Pump it Up!
-Big Macintosh (JackleApp Remix) now has a Single 09 for Pump it Up! I feel like I''m missing something, though...
-Luna (DREAM Mode) now has a Single 09 for Pump it Up! 
-Diamond Dogs (Euro-Dirt Mix)'s Expert has been moved to Challenge to make room for a new Expert! Now all the Mane 6 boss tracks have 5 difficulties each!
-Sweetheart is now rerated to a level 10 on Expert. It may have been fast, but faster songs with more consistent streaming (Think "Why Not" by Darwin) have been easier than 11.
-Several songs lacking genres have them added.

Released: May 29, 2013
-Irony from ClariS has been added into the game. ClariS is no stranger to BEMANI, with a cover of Connect in DDR X3 and various other music games, along with a master of it, this track, Naisho no Hanashi, and Wake Up being in jubeat plus as a featured artist pack. Stepped in a beginner friendly fashion reminiscent of recent arcade license steps, this one is definitely fun!
-Flutter Girl by wowaka is now in the game. Vocaloid has been heavily featured in fellow BEMANI game Sound Voltex Booth, so let's bring some to DDR! This is actually a revocaloidization of the awesome Rolling Girl, spliced together from various lines of Fluttershy to mimic the Japanese lyrics. It's an interesting experiment, and the mimicking video is also quite awesome.
-PONPONPON by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is now in the game. A cute song with a crazy video, it definitely is entertaining for spectators at least. Charts are harder than you'd expect for this song, with a level 11 for the Expert.

-GOLD DUST by DJ Fresh is now in the game! This popular track was stepped by Ben Speirs of Speirmix  fame, who you may also remember has stepped Discord (The Living Tombstone's Mix) and Hush Now Quiet Now (TranceBlossom Remix) for the series. For Speirmix, he has stepped multiple DJ Fresh songs, including Hot Right Now and The Feeling, and his execution of those gave me the idea to offer the job for this one to him. The charts are not exceptionally difficult, but this song still blazes at 177 BPM, so you can still have a hard (and fun) time!
-Green Green Dance by Mutsuhiko Izumi is now in the game! A transplant from jubeat knit, it has some mighty difficult steps to accompany it!
-Baby Bleep March is now in the game! This transplant from jubeat saucer is very hyper!
-Flip Flap by kors k is now in the game!
-Ultimate Sweetie Belle tops off this update! See you soon for 1.80!
-Pinkie's Homebrew's Basic chart has been rerated from 5 to 7. This particularly egregious issue arose when I gave the chart to an amateur, only to realize it was far out of her level. 8th notes are not easy for casuals, future steppers!
-yellow head joe now has a Double counterpart to its Single Challenge!
-Diamond Dogs (Euro-Dirt Mix) now has its sync fixed.
-Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix) now has an SM file, for those of you who still stick to 3.9 or OITG.
Release Date: June 23, 2013
-D.A.N.C.E. is now in the game! Featuring the PMV sequel to Justice's B.E.A.T., the track is very entertaining and returns more difficult than its former appearances in Universe 2 and Hottest Party 2.
-Death on Two Legs is now in! Queen has a good history with this game, so we decided to finish with one of their classic tracks. The chart is rather easy most of the time, but some chaotically difficult segments ensure that this is an 11. This song features its recent PMV.
 -Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is now in! Remember how the Sweetie Belle Trio lost its third song and replaced it with the bonus song last patch? This is to make amends for that. (It isn't the song that was lost, though; guesses are still open) As for this song, Daft Punk is tied rather well with the BEMANI series, having one of the few licenses from the original REFLEC BEAT (One More Time) to remain in the game all the way to Colette's summer season. The steps' gimmick (for all difficulties but Foal) is that the patterns for the main vocal samples remain the same throughout the song. When they come together midway, it's rather cool!
-Paradise is now in! Coldplay was one of the first popular artists in this game with Yellow, so we decided to bring them back with one of their newer tracks. Shoutout to hellrazor from long ago aiding yours truly with the sync on this one.
 -405nm (Ryu Mix) is now in! In an odd twist, this one was stepped entirely by crew member Dreamland200s, a rarity for these patches. This crossover from Beatmania IIDX 20 Tricoro has some vicious steps, particularly on Challenge.
 -Little Star is now in! All-around tough and speedy, this song has a level 17 to test your stamina on!
-LUV CAN SAVE U is now in! For the first three difficulties, this is about standard; for the Stallion, you go all out with a 17! Think of it as a parting gift for the game.
 -Daddy Discord is now in! dBPony has quite the story, an upstart indie artist who took the brony music scene by storm with his Crusader trio along with his rock songs. This is his latest single, which actually had production started to make for this game one week after its release. This is a speedy metal track, and as such gets a very hard set of charts culminating with the last level 17! Have fun!
 -FRIENDSHIP is now in! A crossover from jubeat copious, this track just emanates awesomeness and charm at the same time thanks to its clever instrumentation. While it is a blazing fast track, it actually has manageable charts for everybody, perfect for introducing friends to the game!
-Lay Down is now in! Knocking out another Guitar Hero 3 exclusive (last one being Radio Song), this track is triplet-heavy and is very difficult. Watch out for the guitar solo and the drum rolls!
-GOLD DUST's Foal level has been rerated from a 5 to a 4.